Monday, October 22, 2007

Love and Friendship are different

Love and Friendship. Which one is the first giving? A helping hand for your freind or going after your lover? This is a casual question that arises in the minds of todays youth. Many of them say that both are equal. Many of them had given first preference to freindship and remaining of them say love is at top. Different views from different individuals. This is a kind of work for your mind and also for your sweet heart. Think or try to differenciate the two important things in life "Friend" And "Love".
There are many who do not even know, some of the points which differ from these two. To say about a friend, there are lot of sweet words and dialogues, thoughts related to friendship and they are precious only for those who mean it. "A friend is one who walks in when the whole world walks out." The second post in life is exclusively reserved for friend next to parents. Friends are those who have true helping nature, give their shoulders for us to lay and cry when we are sad. They show their teeth and open their mouth to laugh with us when we are happy. A friend is one who care for us and stand by our side when we are in need and also we are right. Never believe a friend who always praises you but believe a friend who criticise, guide, scolds, hurts with love because he or she is a person who shapes your personality. Majority says that friendship has more weightage than Love.
And to say about "Love"- is another thing. It is said that "Love at first sight". But really does love starts at first sight? No. It is just an attraction not love. This sought of attraction make us to see that beauty again and again,provide the strenght to talk and to become crazy. Its an unconcious willingness, it is not love and also not a friendship. Love is different, it will not come from attraction but only from understanding and adjustment. You can ask with your parents whats the secret of their long happy married life? Its the same understanding and adjustment. "I LOVE YOU"- "YOUR BEAUTY MADE ME CRAZY"- Its all rubbish. The first sight beauty may deminish for second sight and the person may not be intersted to see that beauty again and again. And person who is not so attractive may look lovely in second and third sight because of closeness, understand our problems and adjust with us. If you have doubt or confused, the one thing you can do is to question yourself what is love? Don't go to ask anybody unless you realise the differences between attraction and love.
Most of the Indians say that true love is realised after the marriage when the couple express their feelings, thoughts, ideas they come closer which would lead to a happy family. really it is true. When a person enters to our life it will be different, it will be the turning point in our life. That also if he is unknown, it will be more excit. Our family members arrange our marriage with a person of their choice. They will be happy and that kind of happiness is wonderful and it can't be explained, only experienced. So think before telling no to the person of your parents choice.
This is my small vision about Love and Freindship and also two points about marriages. The better known person will be much near to us and he or she is always called as friend. And if you are in love then, he or she becomes everything to us to fulfill our need and we can express everything.
Being a good friend, the last word i want to say that don't compare Lover and Friend together. They are different and don't go to to prejudice the relationship between the boy and girl as lover. First see them as friends, later they themselves say the relationship between them. According to me, I always given more preference to Fiendship.....
Akshatha N.S.

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